it’s so hard to find red pill comedians. most comics are self deprecating losers, just like most men are, thanks to white guilt and male guilt.

i hadn’t heard of jimmy carr before, i just found him looking around on youtube. turns out he is really famous.

here is a good one liner. he is not afraid of insulting women.

hell yeah.

on friday, i talked to tom about my problems.

before we even talked, he told me to “have a read (or reread) of this critical PDF on male affection needs”:

relationship roulette

now i had read 60 before, but a few years ago. i remember his PDFs being really impressive, and i remember something about men needing affection, not just sex, but re-reading “relationship roulette” in the context of having a gf, of having andreea pressure me more and more into a relationship, into exclusivity, into meeting her parents over skype, coming to visit her in turkey, then romania — i re-read the PDF in this entirely new context, the context of a girl pressuring me into going along with her agenda.

truly amazing.

here are some of my favorite quotes:

“But most guys go along with a woman’s agenda to get their fill of affection. Even if they don’t really want to hangout all the time or move in together. They have a suspicion (and they’re right) that women only spend long periods of time with men who follow their agenda. They know if they don’t go along with the plan, she is gone. They are constantly living in fear. Fear of losing her affection.” -p29

“Why do guys continue to get married despite a 70% divorce rate? Ego. They actually think that because she wants to get married, he really must be special.” -p30

“Sometimes we think we are so great that our girlfriend would die without us. We are irreplaceable. One day many guys will realize it’s not you it’s her agenda.” -p30

“No matter how cool you think you are, these relationships are not about you. Guys need to realize that just because she wants to move in with you or marry you doesn’t mean she likes you the best. You are not special. What would your girlfriend choose? You or her agenda?” -p31

“Women do not really love us. This is the harsh truth. At least not in the way we all hope to be loved. Unconditionally. The only way to get consistent, reliable and pure female affection is to follow the agenda. Women aren’t giving their affection away for free. You don’t get her compassion, hugs and feminine spirit just because you are a cool guy. There is a price to pay.” -p31

“Men end up trading their freedom for her purity. Why do men need purity to feel loved? Why is it so important? Because most men can’t accept female affection (i.e. snuggling) from a woman who is fucking another guy. It repulses them. Guys only get married because they are getting something out of it. And it sure as hell ain’t sex. They are getting affection from a pure source.” -p32

“Just because she married YOU don’t mean she loves you the most. Women don’t marry the guy they like best. They marry the best guy out of the pool of guys who is willing to commit to her agenda.” -p33

see, 60’s theory is that men get hooked not on sex, but on the sweet drug of affection. and the problem is that we like our hits of feminine affection to come from a “pure” source, meaning a girl who is not banging other dudes, only us. if she is banging another dude, then her affection is polluted, tainted, gross. we can’t stomach it.

and women know this, and that’s how they hook us. they threated to take away their sweet drug, and so out of fear we go along with their relationship agenda.

60 calls it “affection”, but to me it needs a better name. it is not just affection, because my mom can give me affection, it’s feminine *sexual* affection, it’s that sweet addictive affection that a beautiful girl gives you while she is turning you on — nothing beats it.

so why the hell did i agree to become exclusive with andreea? because i didn’t want to lose that sweet drug. i tricked myself into thinking i was doing it because i didn’t want to “hurt her”, she was so kind and pretty and sexy, i didn’t want to break her heart, i wanted to “reward her” (?) with my loyalty — but really, i was just scared shitless that she was going to take her sweet drug away from me. i didn’t want to lose her, and i subconsciously knew that if i didn’t go along with her agenda, she was going to take away her sweet drug.

reading “relationship roulette” really helped me snap out of this trance, it really did. i mean, i still want to get married, i still want to have kids, but now i can better see what is really going on with me and andreea, and why i am so scared of losing her.

she has me hooked on her sweet drug.

thank you tom and thank you 60.

Why am I so angry?

a good tweet by braivoman has inspired this post:

thank you, man. i appreciate the concern. you are perceptive. yeah i would agree, i have been extra angry and frustrated recently, to the point that i am going to see a therapist next monday.

i wrote these notes for my therapist, since at 80 euros for one hour, i don’t want to just babble, i want to present my issues clearly. and that in itself is a good exercise, to get down on paper what is bothering me, what is pissing me off, what is scaring me, what is confusing me.

here we go.

**notes to take to meeting with therapist**

why i am so angry and frustrated and hating my life:

1) i am obsessed with sex and beauty
sex rules my life. i am obsessed with beautiful girls, from both a sexual and an aesthetic point of view. it feels overwhelming. i feel like i can’t control this urge, this need, this obsesssion — and then right after i come, i hate myself and this addiction.

2) i have crazy dreams
i am not normal, i am weird, with impractical crazy artistic dreams — but i have achieved them so far! i am a fashion art director, and a great photographer — but i lost time when i was married, “trying to be normal”, being domestic. i don’t want to fall into that trap again, but i do want to have a family, a wife and kids, i am afraid i will regret it, and plus i really really want kids, seems so incredibly amazing.

3) life is meaningless
i just feel that life is painful and meaningless, and humans suck, we are destroying the world for other animals, so what’s the point? there is no point. so that relates to points 1 and 2. since life is so meaningless, i might as well be crazy and do crazy artistic things, and indulge in sex and beauty.

these are the top three things that are fucking with my head.

now, secondary issues which aren’t helping either.

4) i hate spain
i feel stuck here. i *am* stuck here. two more years until i can get my EU work visa. i should feel grateful but i feel angry. hate spain. hate this shit. i don’t fit in. they are low design, low sophistication, simple people with simple tastes. they are conformists and they are close-minded — and again, i end up being the weirdo.

that’s what i have so far.

oh yeah and specifically about andreea…

5) i am feeling guilt and anguish over the andreea situation

what do i do??
i don’t want to lose her
but don’t want to be with her

i don’t want to break her heart
but i don’t want to waste her time

wait, i don’t want to be with her? well, not really. i mean, she is kind of boring to me. but so was my ex. that’s the truth. i got bored. and the very interesting girls are psycho. (is this true??)

there *has* to be a better fit. there has to be. or not?? i am scared to lose her. is she the best i can do? should i just keep her around for the fall and winter? should i not have gone to turkey to begin with?

if i stay with her, will it be a “mature, smart, responsible” move? or will it be based out of fear, out of horniness, out of all the wrong things??

i mean, why am i with her now? am i being led by my dick? am i being trapped by my dick? or is it my heart? is my heart telling me that this is a good girl that i can trust, a girl who is kind and loving and resourceful?

totally lost. totally 50-50. totally confused.

-beautiful (to me)
-kind and loving
-very sexy little body
-we are a good personality fit. she is resourceful and down to earth (aka “boring”), not one of thse flightly, ethereal, crazy artistic types (aka like me).
-she is really, really into me. that has to count for something. i have been chasing so many girls for the past five years, and ending up with pie in my face, dick in my hand, and no girl in my bed.
-she is a good age to have a family. 31. she seems smart and mature and loyal.
-she really turns me on in bed. she is not a sex freak, which in a way is good, i trust that she was more of a “good girl” — aka she doesn’t suck dick like a champ — so she is more “reserved” in bed but she still really, really turns me, because she is so pretty and because i love her sexy little body so much. her ass drives me crazy. so round and plump and sexy.

-boring! is she boring? i mean, to me, i have to say she is sort of boring. we don’t have rapport. the conversation doesn’t flow. we don’t talk about books and ideas and more “higher level” stuff. but again, the more interesting girls are the crazier girls (are they?). the girls that are a “better fit” for me are the more down to earth girls, the practical, pragmatic girls. i know this.
-romanian. i don’t want my kids learning romanian. i want them learning german.
-not sexy enough (??). here is where i think i am taking it too far. i want sexier, yeah, but doesn’t everybody? i mean, she is not 23, she is not a solid 9 or even a solid 8, but then again, neither am i. and hold on, according to my scale, she probably is an 8. an 8 is a girl you are proud to show off socially, and she is that. she is very pretty and feminine and petite and sexy.
-not smart enough (??)

who knows.

My fourth CS girl

to recap:

1st CS girl, american, banged her.
2nd CS girl, spanish, came on her tits.
3rd CS girl, polish, nothing.

and now:

4th CS girl, dutch, makeout.

it’s actually a pretty good story. my cousin was in town and he was a great wingman, because it was the dutch girl and her friend too. we went out to a bar, then another bar, then on the way to the third bar i kissed her. she was 18 and cute.

i talked it over later with my cousin and he gave me some good pointers. he is 34 and seems to be somewhat of a natural. at least, he knows that girls are not important. he had a great quote, “she is a little girl. treat her as such.” something like that.

that was all last week or rather two weeks ago. last week andreea was in town. she stayed for seven or eight days. i still can’t decide if i should break up with her.

oh yeah, and tonight:

5th CS girl, another dud. damn.


i just checked. andreea stayed for nine nights! no wonder i got sick of her.

correction: that’s mean. she is a great girl. very sweet, very sexy, i actually do really care about her.

Those depressing Frenchmen

and then i started researching the winner of the 2014 nobel prize in literature. turns out he is french.

his work?

“Modiano’s writing is, for me… magical, haunting, obsessed. He is obsessed with the notion that life is ephemeral, and thus exists almost entirely as memory…, while that memory is fading…fleeing like a mist into the void of a distant darkness, as we hurtle away from it… into a very different (or not so different) darkness of our own… He writes with sense of poignancy…

He is also obsessed with Paris… with the city, its streets, its neighborhoods, that are themselves being torn awy from him by its modernization…, like shades being torn from the grasp of Odysseus in the underworld…”

My third CS girl

i am hosting my third couchsurfing girl.

first girl: banged her. american girl. early 20s. skinny. cute. fucked her easily, within two hours of meeting her. so thin and lean. her slenderness was her best feature.

second girl: came on her tits. spanish girl. early 20s also. not skinny, but a sexy body, nice tits. also making out within two hours. an actress. her long dark hair was her best feature, and her tanned skin, and big dark eyes. a “typical” spanish girl from southern spain, the kind that turns me on so much.

third girl: polish. early 30s. nothing! wtf. she came last night, we hit it off, not as pretty as the first two girls, but also nice and skinny and with a feminine vibe, i thought she would be the easiest bang of all. but no. i tried to kiss her last night and she turned her head. but there was a lot of sexual tension. a lot of touching. right before i tried to kiss her, she sat next to me on the sofa and sat *right* next to me, our thighs touching. i am a bit annoyed. she is here till sunday, so let’s see.


my third CS guest is a total dud.

God is in the details

from the nypost.


Joel Kimber writes

joel kimber writes:

I think you’re being a bit defensive which means you’re looking for ways for them to be wrong instead of applying intellectual charity and looking for ways they can be right. Hopefully i’m wrong on this assumption though.

You’re right, MM works, otherwise it wouldn’t be as famous as it is. Krauser and torero methods work, you can tell by looking at them. I think the point that these boys are trying to make is that when you do things such as the 5 question game and palm reading is that you are trying to show her that you’re [i think you meant she’s] the prize. and as you well know as soon as you start to feel the need to validate yourself you’ve lost. You don’t believe you’re the prize to begin with (huge sticking point for me).

Yohami has given advice on advice to help change this mindset. Box, jack up your T, change your body change your mind. Work on your photography, a girl with a 9-5 who watches tv and eats junk has nothing on a guy who hosts his own art exhibitions.

These are massive sticking points for most men. Not believing they’re the prize to be won, not having the mindset shift that seduction is fun and instead you’re putting yourself on the line every time you go out and talk to a girl. Hell i’m stuck on it too. Big difference is, is that you’re actively working on it.

Love the blog by the way, been reading it since forever.

With regard to what rick is saying… what type of mindset do you think a dude has when he does things like that? what’s going on with him mentally?

joel, i am glad you like the blog, and thanks for the comment.

now i am all for intellectual charity, but wait a second:

You’re right, MM works, otherwise it wouldn’t be as famous as it is. Krauser and torero methods work, you can tell by looking at them.

i am all for intellectual charity, but i am also for intellectual accuracy and precision when it comes to learning a new skill.

i believe that the MM works, and i believe that the A-C-S framework is a modern dating breakthrough, and i believe that **most women need comfort**.

the 5 question game has been a great tool for me to help build an emotional connection with a girl. so when rick says:

You fucking overthink everything! 5 question game what??? sexual escalation?? Drop that shit. A girl in your apt wants to fuck. Make out, undress her, touch her pussy quick! and ultimate ratio, whip your dick out! If she leaves, she was not DTF, her problem! You can’t “seduce” her.

and yohami agrees, i want to know exactly what they mean.

i have been criticizing a lot of tweets about being facile, bombastic tweets. is there anything more bombastic and facile than “a girl in your apt wants to fuck. make out with her”?

fine, maybe “just be yourself” is a dumber statement, but do you see what i am saying joel? they are just empty words. be yourself, get her to your apt, make out with her, fuck her. if she doesn’t want to fuck, forget about her, there are other fish in the sea, and never give up, don’t worry, be happy.

man, it makes me miss the days when men actually field tested theories hundreds of times and reported back with actual results.

that’s what is called science.

rick’s comment is what i call empty words, trying to sound cool and tough.

final thoughts, joel. when you write:

With regard to what rick is saying… what type of mindset do you think a dude has when he does things like that? what’s going on with him mentally?

i get the text, or the subtext, or both. don’t put the girl on the pedestal, don’t make her the prize.

and maybe here is where i have my biggest issue. how much of this is still my problem, and how much of this is other people projecting *their* problems onto my blog?

i will be the first to admit that i pedestalize like a madman, that it is my tendency for over three decades now. i have no problem admitting that. but because i know it’s my biggest problem, i am also very aware of it. and so when i get a girl half my age back to my apt within hours, and within hours i sweet talk her into taking off her shirt, and take pictures of her, and forcefully kiss her, and basically treat her like my little sex object — so what exactly am i doing wrong in this situation?

like i wrote in my other comment, people love to give advice, it makes them feel important, i get it. and i love receiving advice. i write my blog for myself, but i also try to be open about my flaws, my fears, my mistakes, my anxieties. write till you bleed, or whatever that saying is. blogging as writing therapy. it’s been my MO since the beginning.

so yeah, give me all the advice you want to give. i will read it all. but some advice is better than others, you know? and the best advice is actually accurate to the situation.


what is oneitis and where does it come from?

my thoughts on dagonet’s blog.

RICK: You fucking overthink everything! 5 question game what??? sexual escalation?? Drop that shit. A girl in your apt wants to fuck. Make out, undress her, touch her pussy quick! and ultimate ratio, whip your dick out! If she leaves, she was not DTF, her problem! You can’t “seduce” her.

YOHAMI: Rick for the win.

RIVELINO: So apparently Yohami doesnt believe a girl can be seduced over time. Either she is DTF that night, or is never DTF.

so yeah, yohami i think this exchange defines my problem with your “setup 2” advice. obviously, as we have agreed before, setup 1 is infinitely better. every man should be working on building his castle.

but, given setup 2, your advice — as far as i can tell — is to simply go balls out, amp up the sexual tension, whip it out if necessary, and if she doesn’t want to fuck, then forget about her, move on to the next chick.

seduction over a few dates does not exist. her needing a bit of comfort, that also does not exist. and anyone who using this other, mystery method based strategy — say nick krauser, or tom torero — so they are doing it all wrong?

to me it sounds like you are saying there is only one correct path to fuck a girl, and that is the yohami high pressure way.


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